Monday, December 7, 2009

Double Vision 2009 contest

Every year CAPIC, my professional association, has a show in which they
match up a photographer and an illustrator to do portraits of each other.
Pairings that work with a common theme always seem to do well.

The opening gala for the show is being held at 80 Spadina Ave. at the
Toronto Image Works gallery next Friday the 11th Amazing artwork and stimulating
conversation. Each person who walks through the door is given one bean (=
one vote) to drop into the jar beneath their favourite
portrait pairing. At the end of the evening, the beans are counted up and
the winners are declared! Anyone can attend- the more the merrier.

My photographer match this year is Matthew Plexman
). Matthew and I talked about image styles that we are fond of, what
kinds of activities we are drawn to, and about our respective
heritages, among many other things. Matthew has some Polish, some
English, some French and a dash of Indian in me. I have Scottish
heritage as well as a bit of English and Irish. One thing led to
another, and somehow we decided on a Canadian Voyageur theme. In our
scenario, the Voyageur is delivering the Scottish wife of the Hudson's Bay
Co. fur trading post chief "factor" after her voyage from Scotland via
Montreal. The styles are somewhat influenced by old folk art and

We went to Thunderthighs (an amazing costume house nearby, which is housed
in the old Dunlop Rubber Co. stable and carriage shop) and had a blast
trying on all kinds of appropriate (and sometimes
inappropriate) garb. We had Sandra Yang
) ,Matthew's favorite hair and make-up person help me out. Matthew
brought in his canoe and paddles, and wore the old britches and shirt.
His wifemSylvia's deerskin boots were on the floor beside him for
reference to shoot. I brought my dog,Olive and a shawl from Scotland that
I am wearing.

We would love it if you came down and voted for us! For those who can't
attend, we'll post the results when they are in.