Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today I was so fortunate to visit the Musee Herge outside of

Brussels. It was fantastic and extensive, not to mention the

incredible art gallery built for the comic-book artist who invented


It is wonderful to know the workings of such a great artist

who chose one route and recognized the need to dedicate

his whole artistic carreer to one...successful...area of it

in the creation of a tireless comic knowing he had potential

to be a fine artist as well amongst other disciplines in the arts.

His work is notably influenced by historical events and popular

culture of his time. His comics about exotic places helped masses

forget wars through times of wars.

Standing out on my visit as well was a model of a rocket ship that was built

to help create a comic based on travels to the moon by a rocket. This is brilliant

for accuracy in his work from one comic to another...like drawing from still

life in comic form...the rocket opens up to reveal the navigating room as well as

sleeping and eating quarters.

Costume for space exploration and other aspects ofspace travel such as weightlessness predates the first landing on the moon by at least 15 years.

Another interesting fact is that Herge made characters based on people he knew

but ultimately based on areas of his own personality. He was never seen without

a sketchbook and drawing tool by the time he was a teenager as well.

Incredible observer of his time.

Thanks to the generosity of my father-in-law, we were brought to Belgium to experience Belgium such as this museum with my family and my niece.

Tin Tin museum visit being a must for the visual artist in myself and my family.

Belgium is an outstanding,pristine experience for all artists I adore their love for good living creating wonderful and cultured people.

On my list as a top place to live!